Main Features

  • Allows patrons to record their attendance at your organisation's premises using their smart phone
  • Allows for multiple venues, e.g. Warehouse, Shop
  • Ability for multiple locations with a venue for the same organisation, e.g. Beer garden, Public Bar
  • Remembers the details entered by a user, so they do not have to re-enter their details each time they return to the venue - they simply point their phone at the QR code, and click on the "Register" button.
  • The system can be configured to have a stand alone "sign in", or can also have a "sign in" and "sign out" function
  • Count of current "signed in" patrons


  • All fields are configurable, so you can do a simple collection of names, or any combination of the following:
    • First/last names
    • Mobile number
    • Email address
    • Emergency Contact details
    • And for sailing clubs - Sail number and class of boat
    • If your organisation requires something different - please contact us


There are also two levels of admin access - Owner and Admin.

  • Admin functions:
    • Ability to register a person without a smart phone.
    • Ability to view registrations for the current day to allow checking that people have registered correctly
  • Owner functions
    • In addition to the features above, the ability to configure the application, i.e. choose which fields to collect, names of buttons etc
    • Ability to download all registrations to an Excel spreadsheet file
    • Ability to set the patron timeout function if the "sign out" function is not used, or people forget to sign out