How safe is my data?

Data privacy

  • We are a software company, not a marketing company. Your data is only available to the account owner and no-one else. We pay our salaries by subscription fees, not by selling your data.
  • The data is not accessable directly by any government agency and in the event of an incident, the data must be extracted by the account owner and forwarded to contact tracers for follow up.
  • Your data is physically deleted from the server after the given time period and cannot be retrieved.
  • Front of House admin access is limited by the account owner.
  • Account owner sets the expiry time limit of all registrations after which time all data is physically deleted from the server

Data security

  • All data is transmitted across the internet as encrypted data
  • Passwords are stored encrypted on the database, and cannot be retrieved by anyone
  • Data is hosted and backed up on Microsoft managed servers



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