How does it work


As a Patron

On entering the premises, the patron points their smart phone camera at a QR Code printed on menus, tables, access points etc.

Feel free to give it a try using this QR code

The QR code takes the patron to a mobile optimised page to allow them to enter their details.

On subsequent visits, the system pre-populates the fields with the details previously entered.

If the Sign Out option is being used, a second button allows patrons to sign out.

As a Standard Admin

Standard Admin access provides the ability to view registrations for the current day as well as register on behalf of a patron if they do not have a smart phone.

This level of access is appropriate for front of house staff.

As the Account Owner

The Account Owner has the ability to:

  • Create multiple venues depending on the package chosen
  • Add multiple locations within each venue including configuring what information is to be requested at each location
  • Allocate Standard Admin UserIDs and Passwords
  • View and/or download registration data

Configuring a single location